Abhishek grover triumphs in DPT super holdem turbo showdown at deltin royale, securing a full house victory!

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By luckyspinpalace

The October 2023 DPT Super Holdem Turbo title at the Deltin Royale in Goa has been clinched by Abhishek Grover, marking the end of a thrilling competition. A slight underdog in the heads-up against Shakti Shikhar, Grover successfully overcame the odds to seize the chip lead. Once he had taken control, Grover’s momentum was undeterred, leading him to a title win worth a cool INR 2,09,300.

Shakti Shikhar, who started the heads-up showdown as the chip leader, fought bravely but ultimately fell short of the top spot. He secured the runner-up position with a prize of INR 1.25 Lac. The final hand of this nail-biting tournament happened during level 21 with blinds set at 20k-30k. The hands held were Abhishek with 10c Qs 8d and Shakti Shekar with Ah Ac 6h. While Shakti secured a flush, Abhishek made a full house, securing him the coveted title and trophy.

Fast forward to level 18 with blinds set at 5k/10k and an ante of 10k; we found ourselves at an incredibly crucial point in the tournament – the heads-up showdown for the title! Shakti Shikhar held onto his lead with 351,000 chips while Abhishek Grover was not far behind with a stack of 224,000 chips.

The third-place finisher was Faiz Alam who took home INR 83,720. This came after an intense poker hand where Faiz went all-in for 90,000 chips against Abhishek and Shakti. Despite his aggressive move, it was Shakti who emerged victorious with his hand containing a pair of Aces and Kings (Aces full of Kings), eliminating Faiz from the hand.

Jason Fernandes was the unfortunate bubble, eliminated from the tournament after a hand against Faiz Alam. Jason went all in for 9.5k, and Faiz called. The community cards came out as 9h, 8h, Qs, Qc, and 4s. Despite his efforts, Jason lost to Faiz’s full house and was eliminated.

The fifth-place finisher was Kshitij Kucheria who was eliminated by Faiz Alam after going all-in for 22,500 chips