Mastering the game: Exclusive insights from adda52 ambassador ram kakkar on preparing for the deltin poker tournament 2023

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By luckyspinpalace

As the 15th edition of the exciting Deltin Poker Tournaments (DPT) looms, we had an enlightening chat with Ram Kakkar, the Adda52 Game Ambassador. He dished out some invaluable insights on his poker journey and proffered advice to players preparing for the October 2023 edition of DPT.

In his years of experience, Ram emphasizes the importance of detailed preparation, which involves studying schedules and structures. He urges players to set objectives and work towards reducing focused errors during gameplay. From his reservoir of experiences, he highlights the significance of patience and keeping your cool, especially during MTT tournaments.

Ram is a lawyer by training but has been dabbling in poker for about a decade now while residing in Goa. He counts himself lucky to have been a part of the Poker Sports League for its first four seasons – an experience he found quite educational. His focus is mainly online and occasional live MTTs. Winning the ACL and becoming an Adda52 Game Ambassador was a significant achievement for him. In this role, he aims to spread awareness about poker and contribute to its growth.

With DPT kicking off this week, Ram shared some insights into his preparation routine and strategy for such a prestigious event. For live events like DPT, he studies the schedule and structures to formulate an optimal strategy. He believes that gameplay strategy or physical and mental readiness are long term journeys that require meditation exercises leading up to the event.

Ram admits that he made several mistakes in previous DPTs due to being unaccustomed to playing in a live environment. His goal for this tournament is to minimize unforced errors and give each hand the attention it deserves.

Reflecting on past DPT editions, Ram identified key lessons learned: working on his temperament, patience, and paying keen attention to table dynamics are areas he wishes to improve upon.

He fondly recalls running deep in the DPT HR event back in 2019 where he finished 10th as one of his most memorable DPT experiences. He enjoyed playing with some very skilled players and learned a few things.

As for rituals or superstitions, Ram doesn’t have any. His main focus is to be well-rested before a tournament of this magnitude. He plans to participate in as many events as possible, with particular fondness for the Main Event due to its special status, and the HR because of its structures and fields.

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