Oscar gironella: Spain’s rising star clinches victory at WPT prime madrid poker championship

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By luckyspinpalace

In an exhilarating show of skill and strategy, Spain’s Oscar Gironella has emerged as the latest star in the world of poker. He clinched the title at the WPT Prime Madrid, held at the swanky Casino Gran Via, beating a mighty field of 396 contenders.

Not only did he bag the prestigious title but also took home a hefty prize of €56,925. And that’s not all – Gironella has also secured a seat worth $10,400 at the 2023 WPT World Championship, set to take place at Wynn Las Vegas.

The tournament saw a robust participation of 396 players across four starting flights, creating an impressive prize pool of €366,370 (USD $387,858). The bounty was eventually split among the top 51 finishers, each one pocketing a minimum cash of €1,920.

As Day 2 concluded, it was Julen Lijo with his stack of 2,840,000 chips who led the final nine players. But our champion Gironella wasn’t far behind. With a stack of 2,635,000 chips, he had the second-largest pile on the table. But as we all know in poker it’s not just about the cards you’re dealt with; it’s how you play your hand. And play he did! Gironella displayed some fine poker prowess to outmaneuver his last nine opponents.

Before rising to claim his victory, Gironella entered into an ICM deal with Juan Gonzalo Ares during their heads-up battle. This ensured Gironella’s winnings as €56,925 and Gonzalo Ares’ payout as €66,075 before they locked horns for the ultimate title.

The final hand saw Gonzalo going all-in with Ks 10h while Gironella coolly responded with Kc 5s. The board revealed Kd 6h 4d 5c 4s, handing Gironella a pair of twos and consequently, the WPT Prime Madrid Championship.

The final table also witnessed some commendable performances by Julen Lijo (3rd– €35,600), Ji Yang (4th – €26,490), Jean Carlos Chacon (5th place – €20,000), and Francois Robert who rounded up the team in the 6th place with €15,200.

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