Prajit gambhir triumphs in thrilling DPT 25k NLH bounty showdown: A riveting tale of skill, strategy, and victory

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By luckyspinpalace

In an exciting head-to-head battle, Prajit Gambhir emerged victorious at the DPT 25K NLH Bounty of the DPT October 2023 edition. After competing against a strong field of 91 opponents, Prajit demonstrated his poker expertise, eventually facing off against established poker pro Siddarth Singhvi in an edge-of-your-seat showdown.

Despite initially holding a slight chip advantage, Singhvi fought bravely but fell short of victory. He ended up as the runner-up, securing a substantial prize of INR 1,76,938. The tournament’s final hand is sure to go down in DPT history. Singhvi held pocket jacks while Prajit had Qc 10s. As fate would have it, the board ran out 9h 3c 8s 10d 10c, giving Prajit runner-runner trips and crowning him the DPT NLH Bounty champion.

Prajit Gambhir’s remarkable victory in the NLH Bounty Event was met with enthusiastic applause as he claimed the top prize of an impressive INR 2,52,359 along with the esteemed DPT trophy. Prajit’s journey to victory demonstrates his skill and tenacity, marking him out as a true champion.

After more than four hours of intense competition, we were down to the title’s heads-up battle between seasoned pro Siddarth Singhvi and Prajit Gambhir. At this point, Singhvi held a slight chip lead.

Mohd Nazim fell in third place for INR 1,39,230 after a pre-flop where Shiddarth Singhvi opened to 75k from the small blind. Mohd Nazim went all-in for 180k chips from BB which Siddarth called and subsequently eliminated Nazim.

Gautam Sachdeva ended up in fourth place collecting INR 1,16,025. Vineet Kumar finished in fifth place for INR 95,720. Shakti Shekhar was ousted in 6th place for 78,316, and Vikas Shah was eliminated in seventh place for 63,813 by Singhvi. Yasheel’s final table run ended in eighth place with INR 52,211.

Day 2 of the DPT NLH Bounty promised intense poker battles with only nine fearless contenders left. Yasheel D led the charge, aiming for the grand prize of INR 2,52,359.

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